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Jet Power Electric Surfboard. Ride Time 60 Min, Max Speed 55km/H 10kW Jet Board.

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NEW Electric Surfboard ES-2301

The international delivery time can be about 25 days to 35 days.

Cargo Detail:

1x surfboard
1x battery
1x charger
1x contrl handle
1x shoes
1x life vest
1x holder
1x hop-pocket

Certification Certificate:

For Electric Surfboard: CE, FC,PS E,MSDS.

Certification Certificate:

For Electric Surfboard: CE, FC
For battery: MSDS


CARSPOER Electric Surfboard Jet Board ES-2301
Contact: Alex
WeChat: sincarspoer
WhatsAPP: +8613958186515
Certification: CE,FC,PS E,MSDS
Factory Warranty: Battery is covered for 6 months, 12 months for board and parts
Top Speed: 52km/h
Motor: Two Brushless 10kW High Performance Electric Jet Pump with Ceramic seal to double the durability.
Deck:  high-quality ABS material,IP67 Waterproof.
Battery: 3.2kWh Lithium Ion Dual-Safe, 42*29*12cm size, 20kg, 48V/3.2KWH, IP67, BMS overheat protection, over-current protection, over-discharge protection, water detection, fault and historical data storage, 4hr to 5hr to charge.
Range: 60 minutes of run time
Convenient Modular System: Jet and battery are removable for ease of storage and cleaning.
Wired Controller: IP67, floatable, wristband included.
Dimensions: 1800mm x 610mm x 140mm
Weight: 46Kg with Battery
Max Rider Weight: 100KG


About of tail fins

Not have tail fins.
If need tail fins, customized is ok.

Surfboard size: 187*69*23cm

Board Net Weight: 25KG

Battery: High quality lithium battery

Size: 47*13*35cm
Net Weight: 22KG

Safety lock:

As shown in the picture, only after the safety latch is inserted, can it start.

Battery safety lock:

Please PLACE THE battery safety lock as shown in the picture. It has magnetic suction, which can turn on the battery switch and start the power supply. If you stop the operation, you can remove it to keep the battery safe!

Water Outlet:


Notes: Please tell us the electric voltage in your country.

Gifts: Life jacket

Easy to carry:


Design and put your name and logo on the surfboard:

The photos:


Body size (including battery) : 1803*633*183 mm
Package size: 184*66.5* 21.5cm
Battery packing size: 43*30*13 cm
Body weight (including battery) : 46kg


Warranty policy: Power system warranty for 12 months,
Battery for 6 months.

About transportation:

1:) Southeast Asian Country: There is special line transportation, door to door service, if you need to inquire the freight, please contact our service personnel separately.
2:) In America, it can be delivered by air, and delivered by DHL or FEDEX to the customer”s address.
It can also be transported by container by sea, and UPS will send it to the customer”s address, so it takes 30 to 45 days, and the freight is cheap. Please contact our customer service if necessary.
3:) For European countries, we can deliver by air and DHL or FEDEX to the customer”s address.
Feel free to chat with our manager Alex. WhatsApp:+8613958186515
Wechat: sincarspower


1、Please wear helmet, swimsuit and life vest before surfing;
2、You should know well about the safety for water area: no floating substance; Least depth 80cm; See if there are rock, branch, fishing net, big fish or other unknown factor may influence your safety;
3、You should know all performance well about surfboard, Power performance, using manual for security key and method for emergency you may face, as well as you know well about dump energy for estimating distance and time so that you could surf back without any problems.
4、For other questions not covered, please watch the explanation video.
1、Surfing is kind of a dangerous sport, especially for strong power surfing. Please do keep a clear head as power surfing requires much more for personal operation;
2、Please do install battery, Plug in the battery sensor switch and insert security key before you go into water. Then open electric switch smoothly make sure water go through the whole cooling system, when you could see water out from sides drain hole then means you could start;
3、Bend over-Kneel-Stand, Please follow this way when you surfing in shallow water. Please protect yourself, Do not go too fast at the beginning;
4、Please keep straight stand when surfing, Look straight ahead and keep notice surrounding in case you got abnormal conditions;
5、Hold the power switch when getting off the board, kneel the board first and then go down off the board when all things ok;
6、In order to avoid all possible accidents, please always remove the security key whenever you need to rest on shore or in the water;
7、After landing, unplug the security key first and then the power key, please follow this step to stop the power safely;
8、Please see the operation video for details.
1、After surfing, remove the battery in time and put it in a cool and ventilated place. The lithium battery will generate a certain temperature and let it cool naturally. The battery is forbidden to charge outdoors, do not overcharge, remove the charging plug in time when full electric. (Do not place the battery under the sunlight. If the temperature is too high, the battery service life may be reduced and safety risks may occur )
2、After surfing in the sea, should use fresh water to flush the board and the cooling system.
3、It is necessary to pay attention to whether the sound of the board is normal and whether the spray is cylindrical when you surfing. Please stop it in time for inspection when the sound is abnormal or the power is drops;
4、In the surfing, pay attention to whether there is water in the cabin. If there is water, just open the drain screw on the back of the board head and discharge it in time, which will not affect the use. If not discharged in time, the aging of the product will be accelerated.
5、Please see the operation video for details.
Electric surfboard belongs to science and technology items, as long as it cannot start, it needs our company”s technical to determine the solution, please do not dismantle the cabin without permission, if there is any dismantle, the warranty will be terminated immediately.
Note that all parts must use the original ones, otherwise the warranty policy will be termination and irreversible damage to the product may be caused. Please refer to the video for hardware maintenance.
For other matters not mentioned herein, please read our guidance materials carefully which could assist to use the board more safely and happily; most important, this way could prolong the service life of the board.

Thank you again for choosing our products!

Please note that the following conditions are not covered by the warranty.
1、Plate body damage, including scratching, cracking. This product is made of high quality of polymer composite material, there would be no problem for normal surf, and violent use of this product may cause unforeseen damage.
2、Battery appearance appears obvious damage, battery is made of 304 stainless steel. If battery damaged by crash, drop and other external factors caused by all consequences are not within the scope of warranty.
3、 The power system of this product has a number of safety protection, such as overheating protection, over current protection and motor blocking protection. If the protection mechanism is triggered, the board should be stopped immediately for inspection, and should not be started again. The consequences caused by starting again will not be acceptable by our warranty policy.
4、The internal damage of the board caused by the blockage of the cooling system and Spray pump system is not covered by the warranty, so please surf in good condition waters, and the minimum use depth is 80CM.

We hope you treat your boards well, and we will provide technical support all the time.





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